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Our investors are regularly offered the opportunity to co-invest in our upcoming projects. We offer select investors up to 40% fixed returns on their capital. These projects are often off-market opportunities that have met our rigorous benchmarks and are anticipated to deliver above industry returns on investment. When these opportunities arise, the investors on our database are notified and invited to join an intimate briefing session. A complete prospectus for the development opportunity, including locality research, feasibility analysis, program as well as estimated returns on investment will be presented.


In addition to the strategic wealth generation opportunities, our co-investors become beneficiaries of our extensive network of industry professionals and project management expertise, which covers the development process in its entirety. This includes sourcing sites and finance, acquisition, planning and approvals, subdivision, construction, marketing and sales all managed by Adroit in a logical and hassle-free manner. During this period, regular and transparent updates are provided to our co-investors on the financial and logistical progress of the development.

Mitigated Risk

A strong track record in identifying development sites that meet stringent criteria for high yield and return on investment is evident within our team.
Our commitment to building mutually beneficial relationships coupled with our philosophy to co-invest in all our projects, is a testament to our confidence in profitability of our projects. Simply put our capital and success is closely coupled with you.

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